After this period, Santos Dumont moves away mildly of the aviation.He regains the Brazil and won't come back in France that in 1922, leaves to the Brazil then in 1928. He regains France in 1929 to receive the "Legion d' honneur " there.Definitely reinstalled in Brazil he will put end to his days in 1932.
Until the realization in 1907 of the 1st ultralight airplane the N 19 and 20 more known under the nickname of " DEMOISELLE" .This model knows various versions and a big success, it is certainly the device the more famous of the Brezilian precursor.
35 €uros
Kit price:
3 résin parts.
From 1906,Santos heads toward "heaviest that air" and constructs thanks to Gabriel Voisin his 1st plane, a device of type "Duck": the 14 bis, with which hel take back 23 October 1906 the Archdeacon cup while doing a flight besides of 50 m in 3 m of height.

All won't go still as wanted: the May .11. 1899 the N 2 missing of rigidity fold in its middle, August .8 . 1901 the N 5 falls on the roof of the "Grand Hotel"of the Trocadero, the 20 septembre 1900 the N 6 clings in trees at Neuilly.

The notoriety arrives 19 October 1901, when it takes back the great price of the " aeroclub de France": he takes off of his land of St Cloud, get round the Eiffel tower and return in less than 30 mns.
It is the beginning of a long passion for these contraptions, " Dirigibles Airships" that he won't stop improving.
Alberto Santos Dumont 1873-1932.

In 1898 he gets settled in Paris, and begin his aerial career: to the month of July, he takes off on board of his first balloon, the " Brazil " (smallest ever made, with 6 meters of diameter and hardly understood 30 kilograms skiff).

Within pioneers of aeronautics, Santos, occupy a role to part: he is the only to accumulate the record in aerostats and in aircrafts.

To photo 2  Santos Dumont  bust.
Alberto Santos Dumont was born July 20, 1873 to Sao Paulo in Brazil.
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Other constructions will follow: the helicopter, the hydroplane, etc...