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From 1919, Louis Blériot, participle actively to the expansion of the civilian aviation. He disappears in August 1936, France gives back homage to the man and his work, by the national funeral ceremony.
During the first world conflict, the " Blériot ", and the " SPAD ", will contribute for an important part to give to France its aerial superiority.
The notoriety arrives July 25, 1909 when it succeeds the crossing of the " Channel " on the Blériot XI type.
Beginning 1907, he succeeds a " some meter jump " on the " Blériot V ", then the first flights on the " Blériot VI ", VII ", at the end of the same year,
Louis Blériot 1872-1936.

Louis Blériot frequents the middle of enthusiasts of the "heaviest that air ". In 1905, he becomes member of

" Aéroclub de France ".
After brilliant studies and his military service, he creates an enterprise of lantern manufacture for cars, and since 1901, he begins his researches in a domain all new: aeronautics.
Been born to Cambrai in 1872, Louis Blériot is attracted by the technique since his younger age.
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