Nicknamed " the cage to hen " by reason of its structure very " canvas of spider ", the Caudron, G3 were the first plane having made the object of an industrial production. Constructs in of very numerous versions, the whole of devices will reach 2540 copies. Of construction very classic for the time (wood, metallic tube and canvas for the structural surfaces), it sees itself employee since 1913 by the army French, but is quartered first to the observation and in pilots school in Reims. To the declaration of war, the Caudron " squadrons " are hired in operations of recognition and of regulating of shooting for the artillery; or even after modification of devices, for of the aerial photograph. The G3 doesn't lose some for as much its prerogatives of flight professor, of which it will have the benefitted people as:

The little story of the Caudron G3


Appreciated by many, the G3 home in service well after the end of World War I hostilities, sold to many clubs, as well as to individuals, it will accomplish again during ten years of famous exploits:

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- Jules VEDRINE puts itself the 19 January 1919 on the roof of the " Galleries Lafayettes "( in Paris, France ).
- Adrienne BOLLAND crosses the Cordillière of Andes: from MENDOZA to SANTIAGO OF CHILE April 1st, 1921, in 3H15 to more of 4000 meters of altitude (the G3 didn't go up to the maximum that to 4200 meters of altitude).
- The Swiss François DURAFOUR, lands in first world to the "Col de DOME" close to the "Mont Blanc" July 30, 1921.