The little story of the CAPRONI CA3

Manufactured to more than 250 copies by the " Societa di Aviazione ing Caproni " , the CAPRONI CA33 is the result of one successive manufacture of bombers begun in 1913 (CA30, CA32)

At this time, no big machine, intended to bombardments doesn't have been able to again be achieve. With more of 22 meters of span and his/her/its three motors of 150 HP each, the, CA33 weigh close to 4 tons to the takeoff. Four men of crew are necessary for this plane that can reach 136 km/hs. Armed it transports two machine guns about 400kg of bombs.

Many countries will provide themselves of the CA33, in France, the ESNAULT-PELTRIE society will construct it under license during the war. This bombardier will equip the 1st company spear-torpedos of the Marine. aboard planes of this time, the position of the machine gun man was never very comfortable, but it becomes, on the CA33, perfectly awful. He is lodged at the level in a skiff of the side of flight of the superior, just wing above of the impulsive propeller.

This biplane with 2 fuselage and endowed of a central skiff will stay in service until the end of the conflict. Yet, he/it will be caught up by a model of the same constructor, the CA 46, it is its name, is even bigger (23 meters of span) and heavier of 5 tons to the takeoff.