General Instructions of installation for models

AJP Maquettes


These few pages have only been made in order to help you to built in the best conditions our photo etched-brass model kits.

Methode to put down the tissue paper on the airframe, wings, etc ...

First of all, you will only need scissors and a white glue stick ( UHU, SCOTCH, 3M, etc ... ). - In the kit, you will find a colored tissue paper ( pale yellow) , cut out a surface just a little bit larger than twice the surface to treat ( Photo 1 ) .

-Paste the whole surface of tissue paper ( Photo 2 ), lay down the etched brass structure and keep in mind to put the leading edge of the wing ( tail surface, etc ...) in the middle of the sheet .

-Fold over the free half sheet of paper on the wing , the fold on the leading -edge( Photo 3 ).Dab carefully with kitchen paper in order to stand out the etched-brass structure.Let dry at least 2 or 3 hours (Photo 4) .

-Cut the exceeding paper along the wing tips and the trailing edge on a smooth, solid surface such as a piece of glass, with a brand new cutter blade. !! CAUTION !! , Take care to not cut any prominent elements of the structure especially designed to avoid any fit problems ( Photo 5).

-In order to give its shape to the wings, you can use a solid cylinder, about 2 inches in diameter (Photo 6).

Then you can spray the part with a gloss or semi-gloss coat of varnish ( Enamel ! with airbrush or aerosol can ).

When it is dried, you can treat the part as usual injected plastic part ( apply paints, decals, etc ... ).



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